Automated Mapping Tool For Biopsy Plates


Automated Mapping Tool For Biopsy Plates

deep learning   ·    machine learning   ·    OpenVINO   ·    software development


EU-based manufacturer of scanning digital microscopes tasked Auriga with development of an automated tool for biopsy plates mapping to improve time-response, reduce lab workload and errors, and contribute to better patient care.

Projects Highlights

Minimal HW requirements.

Integration with laboratory IS.

Automated discard of screening failure samples, notification and tips for laboratory technicians.

Algorithms optimization, high-rate visualization processing speed.

Next stage of the project: full automation slides loading to report generation.

Flexible algorithms setup.

Open source based solution.

Achieved Benefits

Automated image capture, tissue location, autonomous scanning, focus map generation.

85% of plates are mapped automatically.

Improved scanning accuracy leads to early diagnostics and treatment.

Significant cut of time and effort for lab technicians – manual mapping only for rejected plates.


Intel OpenVINO · Caffe2 · OpenCV · React

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