Optical Recognition System For Warehouse Operations

Large semi-trucks manufacturer tasked Auriga to develop an optical recognition system for components to automate orders fulfillment, receipt or shipment of goods, inventory check, etc.

Projects Highlights
  • Minimal HW requirements.
  • ERP system integration.
  • Automated online monitoring, of the scene and objects, intuitive layout grid display for the operator.
  • A dedicated tool for uploading components models to DB developed.
  • GUI developed.
  • System to monitor, control and notify user in case of deviation from the model (recognition or identification failure, missing DB description, etc).
Achieved Benefits
  • Significant reduce the cycle of order fulfillment, packaging weight, calculating items amount, based on the overall weight.
  • Automated generation of supporting documentation.
  • 10К+ components catalogue, DB spread-out (components IDs, weight, image, data for recognition/identification).
  • Simplified data entry process for users.
  • Open source solutions to cut the costs of implementation.