Optical Deviation Detection System


Optical Deviation Detection System

Android   ·    AWS   ·    machine learning   ·    REST API


A global construction industry leader asked Auriga to conduct research and development for a new system to monitor the integrity of building structures (anchorage loosening detection) in remote and seismic/landslide activeу zones (bridge pillars, tunnel constructions, power lines structures, etc.).

Projects Highlights

System architecture, optical system (HW) R&D.

Machine learning and computer vision algorithms for image recognition and optical distortion detection.

Experimental data samples collected into dataset.

Cloud-based backend server for image normalization, processing and measurement .

A set of microservices to support required workflow.

Android app as a frontend.

PoC developed and tested.

Achieved Benefits

Using two-layered customized markers significantly enhanced detection resolution (up to 0.5 mm).

Optical system could be used on a quadcopter or drone for hard-to-reach places.

Android app manages all the workload for filed personnel.

Live demo developed in less than four months.


customized OpenCV library numpy

scikit-learn ·  REST API ·  Android

Amazon AWS

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