Drone Software for a Smart Agriculture Project


Drone Software for a Smart Agriculture Project

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A worldwide recognized leader in semiconductor industry tasked Auriga to develop a drone software utility to monitor the condition of trees in an apple garden as a part of a big smart agriculture project.

Projects Highlights

Dataflow programming using TensorFlow.

SSD-mobilenet neural network deployment.

Instant data calculations on video card algorithms developed.

Manual and semi-automated objects identification and labelling for machine learning.

Augmentation for deep learning implemented.

Data formatting for neural network.

GUI developed and tested.

Achieved Benefits

Data calculations on video card were boosted up to 4x times.

Enhanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms, increased objects DB significantly.

Developed all set of tools to be used by end-user and simplified GUI of the application.


Linux  ·  TensorFlow SSD-mobilenet

CUDA  ·  cuDNN  ·  Python

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