Image Identification Surveillance System


Image Identification Surveillance System

deep learning   ·    machine learning   ·    OpenVINO   ·    software development


A U.S. technological start-up specializing in security and video surveillance enterprise solutions tasked Auriga with developing autonomous module to identify vehicles on office parking areas to check available slots, detect traffic violation and generate smart events for security services.

Projects Highlights

Solution prototyping from the scratch in just two months.

Pre-trained OpenVINO model for vehicle detection.

Raspberry PI HW board for compact size and low power consumption.

REST API implemented for service access and management.

Scenarios preparation to evaluate video capturing devices.

On-hand camera calibration tool developed.

Achieved Benefits

Dataset acquiring and full network training time reduced due to pre-trained models.

Customer could choose from several approaches to control "speed/accuracy" ratio for different setups and location scales.

Seamless integration into the existing enterprise solution.

Flexible secure service access from any authorized device.


Python ·  Intel OpenVINO ·  AXIS VAPIX ·  OpenCV ·  Raspbian Jessie

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