Arrhythmia Detection Service


Arrhythmia Detection Service

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Auriga was tasked by a medical solutions provider to develop web services for distributed monitoring and processing of data generated by wearable Holster EKG devices.

Projects Highlights

Implemented HL7 compatible receiver of ECG data (v3.0).

High-performance and scalable ECG data processing.

Preprocessing ECG records via Fourier transformation and phase diagram.

Recognition of urgent cardiac conditions using artificial neural network (machine learning).

Real-time data streaming support.

Achieved Benefits

Precise real-time monitoring of thousands of patients EKG.

Timely notifications on emergency cardiac conditions.

Tracing individual treatment plans.

Follow-up for physicians, family members and patients.

Open-source solutions to cut down expenses.


Java  ·  Kafka  ·  Spark

Ignite  ·  Hive  ·  QlickView

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