BI for Energy Efficiency Solution

US-based energy efficiency solutions provider tasked Auriga to develop the data model and Amazon-based storage for the enterprise-wide BI system data.

Projects Highlights
  • DataVault data model and data warehouse structure.
  • RedShift columnstore distributed map-reduce DB.
  • Regression, data completeness, data integrity and data quality test design.
  • Data marts for reporting.
  • Reporting and data-analysis patterns development.
  • Machine learning algorithms implemented for data mining.
  • Continuous integration procedures and scripts.
Achieved Benefits
  • Development of a full stack on top of Amazon Web Services in close cooperation with customer’s ETL team.
  • Data integration from large-scaled service-oriented enterprise system (CRM, sales, billing, field audit, document management systems, etc.).
  • Enhanceв in-house QA processes for ETL procedures and data consistency.