A worldwide leader in medical device manufacturing tasked Auriga to develop an affordable patient monitoring solution for emerging markets that could be used in a variety of clinical settings without compromising quality or performance.

Projects Highlights
  • System architecture design, HW prototype development.
  • Porting proprietary source code to new CPU board and TI dual-core processor.
  • FPGA image, power management BSPs, DSP algorithms porting.
  • Frond-end device drivers, HAL, OS API wrapper, GUI development.
  • Several screen size, modes, touch control and audio management support.
  • Waveforms rendering, Qt widgets porting.
Achieved Benefits
  • MVP prototype demo in just two months.
  • First version of a fully-functional solution released two years ahead of the schedule.
  • Low COGS product allowed our customer win a share in emerging Asia Pacific markets.