ARMv8 Apps Stack Development

A US-based semiconductor company contracted Auriga to provide support for the entire application stack from bootloader and Linux to JVM and Hadoop – for their new multicore ARMv8 CPU family.

Projects Highlights
  • Board bring-up, UEFI and bootloader.
  • Linux BSP and drivers, including high-performance networking.
  • Support for RedHat, Ubuntu, and CentOS.
  • M2M algorithms and toolchain (LLVM) developed.
  • Cloud computing services.
  • Hypervisors.
  • BigData and conventional data storage frameworks performance optimization.
Achieved Benefits
  • Porting, optimizing, maintaining multiple development platforms, frameworks and tools from low-level firmware to business apps optimization.
  • Agile approach used to respond quickly to requests from end-user community.
  • The entire team of senior-level experienced developers established in just two months.