DO-178B Certifiable RTOS Development

An embedded solutions provider for aerospace, military, industrial process control and telecom, tasked Auriga to develop and enhance their UNIX-like DO-178B compliant proprietary real-time operating system (RTOS).

Projects Highlights
  • Fixing high-priority bugs in the kernel, device drivers, utilities, libraries, debuggers, GNU tools, and OS-related products for several platforms.
  • Unit and regression testing.
  • Maintenance of third party integrated products.
  • Interim fixes for critical issues.
  • Maintenance of graphic and Eclipse-based apps.
  • Development of test utilities and test suites.
Achieved Benefits
  • 20+ years of continuous maintenance and support for kernel and PROM components.
  • Development of customized releases to be used in avionics (DO-178B and ARINC certifications).
  • Introducing new technologies support in time (POSIX, multi-core support) or platforms (ARM Cortex).