A global leader in smart infusion pumps development tasked Auriga with R&D and fully-functional prototype design of the network connection module to be used in high-paced hospital environment.

Projects Highlights
  • Analyze software design and performance pitfalls.
  • CPU, and file systems speed tests.
  • WiFi link bandwidth and reliability performance evaluation.
  • FTP, UDP, TCP bandwidth
  • Security scans, Pairing time
  • System boot up time enhanced.
  • Minimized Linux kernel and rootfs footprints.
Achieved Benefits
  • Kernel tuned up leading to the significant reduce of the boot-up time and update patches speed up.
  • Proposed solution removes a vendor-lock dependency on 3rd party closed source library.
  • Thorough design plans and early prototypes to demonstrate timing accuracy kept Customer well-informed.
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