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An innovative start-up specializing in mobile and augmented reality (AR) apps development tasked Auriga to develop an image recognition system to be used as a smart context search tool for image data for marketing and e-commerce purposes.

Projects Highlights
  • 3-tier distributed architecture: mobile app, back end to handle image recognition, SQL Server Helper scripts.
  • Image classification, matching and segmentation.
  • Instance distribution management system and load balancer implementation.
  • Aerospike as a NoSQL data storage (~1mln images).
  • Work protocol implementation on top of TCP, UDP.
  • Unit, functional and integration testing.
Achieved Benefits
  • Full cycle of code refactoring of the initial app and deployment in Amazon AWS.
  • Precise real-time image classification, matching and segmentation using SVM, Chamfer Matching, and GrabCut algorithms.
  • Database significant performance optimization, including cluster mode and in-memory mode configuration and adaptation.
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