Airfare Management Application


Airfare Management Application

Android   ·    architecture design   ·    C++   ·    JavaScript   ·    mobile   ·    MS SQL   ·    testing   ·    UI design   ·    web


US-based airfare aggregation and distribution company tasked Auriga to develop a rich web interface application enabling users to search, compare and book air tickets.

Projects Highlights

Architecture design.

Easy-to-use, simple UI developed.

Metasearch engines integration.

PayPal integration for instant tickets purchase.

Customized search filters implemented.

Mobile client developed.

Functional and usability testing.

Achieved Benefits

One-click airfares rates comparison and online ticket booking.

OTA (Open Travel Association) standard compliance.

User interface customized that eases and enables airline brand promotion.


C#/ASP.NET  ·  MS SQL Server

JavaScript  ·  AJAX  ·  Android


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