Multi-Tenant Music Store Solution


Multi-Tenant Music Store Solution

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US-based media services and content provider tasked Auriga to develop a multi-tenant music store solution for web/mobile clients.

Projects Highlights

Designed and developed complex solution consisted of 11 different projects (server and mobile).

Developed micro-service highly-scalable and fault-tolerant architecture with 99.9% availability.

Automatic content discovery using 3rd party services.

Unique “best image” selection algorithms.

Achieved Benefits

Effortless launch of new music stores.

Merchandising tool for easy branding of stores.

Flexible pricing engine to meet marketing needs.

Minimum operating costs.


Java  ·  Spring  ·  Groovy & Grails

Hibernate  ·  Solr Search

MySQL  ·  Private cloud

Android  ·  iOS  ·  Windows Phone


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