Ringback Tone System Customization

NA-based provider of managed solutions for telecommunications and digital media carriers hired Auriga to significantly improve and add new features to its proprietary ringback tone system to accommodate several telecom carriers using the service.

Projects Highlights
  • SIP player developed.
  • RBT schedule management solution implemented.
  • Back End developed.
  • Web and WAP interfaces support for smartphones deployed.
  • Payment automation (recurring automated billing).
  • Subscription management implemented.
  • Enhanced security policies in-place for sensitive payment information.
Achieved Benefits
  • New system allowed to accommodate both: old and new telecom carriers w/o adding new HW.
  • Renewed RBT system integrated with Sprint, Boost, MetroPCS and other payment platforms.
  • To update a set of core Perl scripts our team learned it in a few days.
  • 2 months project with short sprints and demos.