Construction Power Tools Connectivity Application

A multinational manufacturer of products for construction jobsites hired Auriga’s team to develop a connectivity mobile app for a set of handheld power tools to identify, track and monitor their status.

Projects Highlights
  • NFC and Bluetooth sensors identification and tracking.
  • Integration with Google maps for asset tracing.
  • Number of operations delivered, last time and place synch data aggregation and uploading to cloud storage.
  • Maintenance notification alerts.
  • Warranty service and repair history data display.
  • Maintenance requests, supplies order, shipment tracing within the app.
Achieved Benefits
  • Efficient assets management and allocation in the right place, at the right time.
  • Automation of routine tools operations makes the job done faster.
  • Tools status back reporting allows to plan maintenance ahead, order replacement or supplies in timely manner.
  • Significate reduce of error-prone manual operations.