Shopper Assistant Application

One of the leading internet search and online services providers tasked Auriga with the development of a mobile client for their flagship product – a personal shopper service with an enriched interface and extended functionality.

Projects Highlights
  • Item search by name or by scanning the barcode.
  • Integration with map for nearest store location.
  • Placing order within the app.
  • Functional/non-functional, Black box testing.
  • Quick regression testing for every build (1 build per week).
  • Over 500 test cases and 194 defects.
  • 100 % manual test execution.
Achieved Benefits
  • Access to item description, reviews, price comparison, lists of e-stores with items in stock, detailed information on the stores within the app.
  • Compressed timeframe without compromising quality – weekly sprints with demo to retrieve early feedback.
  • Positive users feedback and a good average rating (4.2 out of 5) on Google Play (>4000 reviews).