Vehicle Diagnostics System Enhancement

A US automotive leader hired Auriga to develop and implement solution enabling remote wireless centralized updates of the firmware and software installed on the vehicle ECU and its components.

Projects Highlights
  • R&D and prototyping.
  • A fully functional microprocessor (with MMU) platform under QNX OS developed.
  • Vehicle system configuration data exam and aggregation.
  • Auto-check for updates at the servers.
  • Load and install via CAN.
  • Report back to the update server with ECU updated data.
  • GSM/LTE used for server connection and data transfer.
Achieved Benefits
  • Remotely fixing bugs of the ECU system software without vehicle safety recalls.
  • No need to visit dealership for planned updates.
  • Upgrading users preferences of the package (switch to sport edition, expanding onboard HMI and ADAS functionality) on the fly.