A multinational leader in HVAC equipment for buildings contracted Auriga to develop an intelligent fire detection and alarm monitoring system to be used in residential and industrial environment.

Projects Highlights
  • Requirements management and design specifications.
  • PoC and MVP version of the platform core developed.
  • REST API and web UI developed.
  • High-load system architecture design.
  • Events long-term large-scale storage implemented.
  • Events full-text search index.
  • Assets data (configurations, states, etc.) schema-less DB.
  • MQTT end-point gateway developed and implemented.
  • Test automation.
Achieved Benefits
  • Complex solution, including intelligent fire alarm panel, notification system, web server and integration module developed.
  • Microservice architecture allows to scale system up with no additional coding needed.
  • Multichannel automated digital voice evacuation and emergency services call modules.
  • Targeted load – 1 bln sensors.
  • Overall calculated system load – 10 mln measurements daily.