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Fire Alarm Management System


Fire Alarm Management System

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A multinational leader in HVAC equipment for buildings contracted Auriga to develop an intelligent fire detection and alarm monitoring system to be used in residential and industrial environment.

Projects Highlights

Requirements management and design specifications.

PoC and MVP version of the platform core developed.

REST API and web UI developed.

High-load system architecture design.

Events long-term large-scale storage implemented.

Events full-text search index.

Assets data (configurations, states, etc.) schema-less DB.

MQTT end-point gateway developed and implemented.

Test automation.

Achieved Benefits

Complex solution, including intelligent fire alarm panel, notification system, web server and integration module developed.

Microservice architecture allows to scale system up with no additional coding needed.

Multichannel automated digital voice evacuation and emergency services call modules.

Targeted load - 1 bln sensors.

Overall calculated system load - 10 mln measurements daily.


Azure Cloud · HDInsight

Cosmos DB · DWH & BI

Spring Cloud

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