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A manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and software for energy industry hired Auriga to modify the legacy asset risk management system that to meet new security and Smart Grid industry standards.

Projects Highlights
  • High load distributed client-server web-application.
  • Mathematical models for data analysis.
  • Proactive electric assets health monitoring algorithms.
  • Visualization, datamarts, dashboards (asset status, risk assessment, wear-out rate, terms of replacement, etc.).
  • Breakage, maintenance, replacement forecast.
  • Providing failure-free and optimized performance for the system.
Achieved Benefits
  • Developed system acquires and analyze data from 100 000+ devices and compares it with 33+ mln. records in DB for reference meanings. It is integrated with budgeting and replacement parts order systems.
  • Additionally, our engineers fixed data output defects and implemented new features, e.g. the abilities to filter reports, exchange data between the components, and log records.
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