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Energy efficiency software

US-based energy saving company hired Auriga to replace a set of customized outdated desktop energy audit solutions and related DB with new web-based unified platform and cloud storage to enhance experience for 5K+ users.

Projects Highlights
  • Reverse engineering and algorithms research (lack of experts/code documentation).
  • Architecture re-engineering.
  • RedShift columnstore distributed map-reduce DB.
  • Amazon AWS migration and deployment.
  • Data integrity verification for a large volume of various formats (images, timetables, documents, notifications, etc.).
  • Regression, data completeness, data integrity and data quality test design.
  • Unified user-friendly UI developed.
Achieved Benefits
  • One unified web-based solution to replace 25 outdated apps (from client DBs to calculation tools).
  • Adding flexibility and room for future improvements by switching to SOA architecture and reducing legacy apps dependencies.
  • Development of a full stack on top of Amazon Web Services in close cooperation with customer’s ETL team.
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