Large-Scaled IT Educational Web-Portal

A worldwide recognized leader in IT industry tasked Auriga to provide 360° support for its IT educational large-scale web-portal with 100K+ users, including introducing new online services, performance optimization and support.

Projects Highlights
  • PHP code refactoring.
  • Apache -> Nginx migration.
  • SQL requests optimization.
  • Architecture design optimization, migration to n-server distributed system and load-balancer deployment.
  • Centralized logging system implemented.
  • Certificate creation and printing tool created.
  • Vimeo video hosting deployed.
  • Mirapolis tool implemented for webinars.
Achieved Benefits
  • Team registration feature implemented to make it convenient for large teams to participate in the online events.
  • Videoconferencing solution implemented to enhance visitor’s experience.
  • Users complaints for errors and lagging decreased significantly.
  • More that 1000 webinars and workshops held after launch of the new service.