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A EU-based vendor of hemodialysis treatment systems hired Auriga to provide verification of the new enhanced version of their flagship product.

Projects Highlights
  • Unit, feature and system tests automation.
  • Test framework development.
  • Sanity tests for nightly builds.
  • Common subsystem: data storage, messaging system, slicer mechanic (on PC) test automation.
  • HAL, device sensors automated testing.
  • Automated test scripts for recorded scenarios.
  • HIL approach to simplify debugging and testing.
Achieved Benefits
  • 70% unit tests coverage.
  • Smoke system tests, Safety system tests automation.
  • HW and software tools developed for acquiring and playing pre-sets.
  • ~100 000 SLOC spread over 1300 functions for both CPUs covered.
  • Compliance with IEC 62304 standard requirements.
  • Documentation, test results and artefacts gathered to pass the FDA certification.
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