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Major worldwide infusion pump systems manufacturer hired Auriga to port the infusion pump controlling application from a legacy platform (some of the components of it had reached end of life) to a modern ARM M4 platform, and to a new RTOS.

Projects Highlights
  • 16-bit x86 CPU to 32-bit Cortex M4.
  • Legacy SMX to newer SMX on ARM.
  • Porting from x86 Assembler to ARM Assembler.
  • New compiler and tools to develop new build environment.
  • Legacy unit manual and automated tests executed.
  • Close-to-reality hardware prototype built.
Achieved Benefits
  • App source tree backward-compatibility with legacy build environment and expected performance provided.
  • RTOS specific portions ported to keep the same behavior.
  • A modern, energy-efficient solution developed fast and within a reasonable budget.
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