Web Portal for Remote Controllers Management


Web Portal for Remote Controllers Management

.NET   ·    Angular   ·    Bootstrap   ·    MySQL   ·    refactoring   ·    web


A manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and software for the energy industry contracted Auriga to develop a web-based portal to manage wireless controllers (tablet devices) aimed at electrical field testing.

Projects Highlights

Legacy code refactoring.

New code based on .Net and AngularJS stack.

Client-server portal architecture modified.

ETL process refined.

Alerts functionality developed.

Remote GPS-based location implemented.

Customized reporting module developed.

Achieved Benefits

One access point to every authorized device firmware version.

Automated one-click updates for all/chosen devices.

Increased security for owners – alerts on unauthorized software or malware installations, vulnerability exposure, geolocation in case of loss or theft.


.Net MVC  ·  AngularJS  ·  Bootstrap

MySQL (ETL)  ·  Powershell

Windows 8


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