Natural Access™ Software Continuous Support

A US-based communications technology solutions provider hired Auriga to provide maintenance and sustaining engineering for Natural Access –a complex development and runtime environment for creating voice, fax, and conferencing apps.

Projects Highlights
  • 32/64-bit  and mixed-mode processors support.
  • Video Access functionality developed.
  • Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) support to Linux.
  • Porting to several OSes.
  • 3rd party hot swap engines integration.
  • TX Series High Availability Open Signaling Architecture implementation.
  • SS7 signaling support.
  • Automated Testing Framework for functional and stress testing developed.
Achieved Benefits
  • 10+ years of core development for two versions of the flagship product.
  • First CompactPCI product for Windows NT and Server and UNIX.
  • Back-end support to Natural AccessTM users including Crealog, SFR and Real Networks.