Automated Test Suite for Logistics System


Automated Test Suite for Logistics System

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An international express delivery provider tasked Auriga to develop an automated testing suite for a high-load scalable distributed fault-tolerant Big Data solution for shipment costs calculation.

Projects Highlights

Test plans and strategy developed.

Test scripts and use cases developed.

Test methods for integrated services, apps and DB stored procedures.

Regression, integration and load tests automation.

Automated tests start run scheduler for night runs developed.

100% manual test automation.

100 tests scripts automated.

Achieved Benefits

Previously undetected critical defects were identified and corrected.

Very high volume of test cases (~40K) that thoroughly covers application logic.

Reduced product testing and release process by a factor of 5x.


Oracle  ·  Pl\SQL  ·  SoapUI

Jmeter  ·  TestLink  ·  REST/JSON

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