Real-Time Video Transcoding Service


Real-Time Video Transcoding Service

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A leader in the smartphone industry tasked Auriga to develop a prototype for the first-of-a-kind smart video streaming app that adjusts to the channel throughput and end device specifications (screen size) on the fly.

Projects Highlights

Amazon S3, EC2, and Elastic Balancer used for file storage, playback, and scalability.

Real-time FLV/H.264 with MP3, AAC encoding.

Flexible performance scaling.

Smart and flexible cache.

Fail-safe operation: external watchdog and internal status monitoring; safe restart on failure.

Achieved Benefits

Prototype delivered in very short terms (2 months).

Developed prototype became a commercial TV-on demand solution distributed with the Customer’s flagship device.

iOS, Android, and Web clients support implemented.


Linux  ·  C/C++  ·  HTTP, RTSP

H.264 (ffmpeg), FLV, MP4

Amazon EC2  ·  Amazon S3

Amazon Elastic Balancer


Most Relevant Cases


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CSG: “Auriga Helped Us Make the Right Decisions”

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