AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager for Telecom Boards

A global telecom leader in cooperation with PICMG committee challenged Auriga with development of an AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager – the intellectual part of modern telecommunication chassis.

Projects Highlights
  • Shelf manager based on embedded Linux distribution running on a number of ARM-based telecom boards.
  • Compliance with PICMG 3.x and IMPI standards.
  • Implementing a rich set of access protocols: console, RMCP, SNMP, HTTP.
  • Redundancy, hot swap and high-availability support with on-board CPLD assist.
  • Automated test framework and suite developed.
Achieved Benefits
  • The first (and the leading since) implementation of PICMG 3.x standard-based shelf manager.
  • Several generations of shelf management hardware modules post-release support and maintenance.
  • Developed test suite was used as base of PICMG-approved interoperability testing suite.