Video Encoding System for Xilinx Platform

A large telecom provider challenged Auriga’s engineers to develop a new digital/analog wireless video/audio transmission system based on a new coding algorithm tolerant to the loss (distortion) of the fragments of the coded signal.

Projects Highlights
  • Compression and en/decoding algorithm developed.
  • System implemented on Linux OS for Xilinx Spartan-6 HW platform.
  • Digitizing of the input analog signal algorithm.
  • Audio signal receiving and encoding implementation.
  • Signal covering with an identification code.
  • Stream storing to the external memory by the coder.
  • Standard output video signal forming.
Achieved Benefits
  • Developed algorithms were implemented into the newly launched surveillance system with enhanced reliability and security.
  • The coding algorithm is consistent with the noise immunity requirements and the channel capacity.
  • Coherent picture displayed with error probability of 1%.
  • Response to motion with interference probability of 10%.