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Software architecture

Leader in embedded OSes and development tools for real-time and embedded system applications tasked Auriga to develop an embedded Linux RTOS distribution for small consumer-type devices as well as large-scale, multi-CPU systems.

Projects Highlights
  • PowerPC, ARM, XScale, x86 family, SuperH support.
  • POSIX threading support and the new POSIX signals and timers.
  • New functionality development (Xilinx boards, etc.).
  • New system tools, device drivers, BSPs, hotfixes and patches, kernel components, communication protocols/ subsystems, system libraries and related interfaces development.
Achieved Benefits
  • The whole product designed, developed, tested, documented, productized, and maintained by Auriga engineers.
  • First version won a prestigious “Electron d’Or Award” as the best embedded software product of the year.
  • Continuous development and sustaining engineering from 1999.

GNU Toolkit  ·  C/C++  ·  Assembler

Linux kernel internals

Linux user-space programming

Linux  ·  RTOS  ·  BSP

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