Auriga offers customized, cost-effective, end-to-end technology solutions development, integration, optimization, maintenance and enterprise architecture design.

To raise the efficiency of public services, governments in all countries introduce ICT solutions that automate public sector processes. As a rule, access to expanding volumes of structured and unstructured data acquired from a widening variety of sources at an increasing velocity provides unprecedented opportunities to dramatically improve the performance of government.

Today, public sector automation goes far beyond the streamlining of daily routine administrative tasks. The multi-dimensional aspects of big data and large volumes require a comprehensive approach to enterprise information management that is based on the business needs of government agencies.

Efficient data warehousing and data storage solutions that help to reduce implementation time and operational costs, are thus typical projects associated with the big data common in the public sector.

Auriga would be happy to offer the following services:

  • software development from scratch
  • custom software development
  • testing and QA
  • technology consulting
  • data migration
  • deployment & implementation
  • integration with existing legacy and third-party systems
  • business process automation
  • performance optimization
  • customized report development

Auriga has delivered numerous solutions that are compatible with corporate or state data standards and application protocols and that interface with multiple information systems. Our portfolio includes software development projects delivered for:

  • local governments
  • public transportation
  • municipalities
  • educational organizations
  • healthcare providers
  • utility services including complex large-scale projects requiring interaction with existing IT infrastructure of higher-level statewide organizations.

Strategic technology planning preceding the start of the work, thorough documenting, sound project governance practices, and accountability are all factored into Auriga’s software development services for the public sector.